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Is it belief, or is it conformity?


It’s one thing to have a system of beliefs you live by. It’s another thing to live among people who accept you only on the condition that you believe what everyone’s supposed to believe. So many people live in that kind of social environment. For a long time, I was one of them. In those environments, “what you believe” stops being about creating a deep internal alignment of ideas, and simply...

Keep your questions inside the church


I woke up this morning with the following memory in my head. I was 21 years old. And I’d posted a question to Facebook: What do you think: should women be allowed to teach men? Or should they just be allowed to teach kids and other women? I posted it because it was taught in my church that women were under the authority of men. This meant (among other things) that women couldn’t teach men or...

On being your agender friend


This post was originally written as part of my process of coming out as agender. I shared it with family and friends on January 1, 2019. Coming out is an evolving process, so I’ve since adjusted it to keep the details up to date. You might have known me since I was a kid. You might have just met me in the last few months. Either way, it’s likely that until now, I’ve let you assume that I’m...

How to be an artist


An artist is one of the strangest and most audacious things a human can be. I say this because I find myself in the odd situation of being an artist, whether I like it or not.

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