Hi. I’m Adrien Converse. I’m a biology-loving surreal artist, musician, and content strategist living in the quirky, cloudy town of Bellingham, WA.

I started this site at the beginning of 2019 to talk about a very specific thing. I was raised as a girl in a small conservative evangelical community … but I’m not a girl, and I never have been.

The word for what I am, which is so under-recognized that it still gets a red squiggly line under it when I type it, is agender.

I named this site “deconforming,” because, needless to say, I’ve experienced a lot of pressure to conform to very constricting norms in my life, and I don’t think that’s right. I’m on a journey to undo all the conforming I’ve been forced to do so I can live as my real self.

I’m deconforming.

As I’ve continued to write more about my experience of pressure to conform to toxic gender and social norms, I’ve realized that even though not everyone faces the exact challenges I have, this experience extends to just about every person. Almost all of us are under pressure to limit who we are in order to conform to what’s accepted.

I think everyone deserves a chance to express their true selves.

This site is about my journey to giving myself that chance. Hopefully my story will inspire and encourage you to deconform, too.

A few other facts about me:

I’m the surreal artist and producer/composer behind Lurm. I also co-founded the content marketing agency, Overthink Group.

Don’t be a stranger: connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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