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Hi, I’m Adrien. I’m a tall nerd who has a lot of hobbies and loves a good street taco. There’s nothing all that fancy about me. I’m pretty straightforward, to tell the truth.

But even so, people get confused about me a lot. They think I’m supposed to be a woman, or that if I’m not a woman, I must be a man. But I’m not either one of those.

I understand their confusion, and I don’t take it personally. Most people have been taught that those two kinds of people—men and women—are the only kinds that exist. But fielding their confusion gets really tiring, and often their ignorance creates serious challenges for me in my daily life.

So I started this site to help them understand that there are different kinds of people beyond the two kinds they’ve been taught about, and those differences don’t make us evil, defective, or delusional.

I also started this site for the benefit of other folks who don’t fit the box they were put in when they came into the world. When you’ve survived that kind of mislabeling (or are still trying to figure out how to survive it), a little solidarity goes a long way.

Most of the articles on this site are about misunderstandings I face on a daily basis. You’ll find thoughts from me about gender & conformity, stories of my life experiences as a person who doesn’t have gender, and educational posts that cover gender-related vocab that may be new to you.

You’ll also probably find jokes. I make those from time to time.

If you want to connect with me further, find me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.